Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I could use a little Aloha spirit

So my trip to Hawaii is more than two weeks over and I have a few things to show for it. Lots of photos which I'd like to make a coffee table book out of, fading memories of good times and the concept of "Aloha Spirit". I feel a little unworthy to attempt to describe the ineffable and grand nature of Aloha spirit. But here goes, it rules your heart, mind and soul to guide all that you think, do and feel. Anyone I've talked to who's been to Hawaii will say that Hawaiians are really nice or friendly. To me, to just say that they're nice cheapens their character. They are not regular nice, like the smiles or chit-chatty superficial friendliness of the Thais or happy Californians, but these folks go out of their way to do good. I would prefer to say they have supreme spiritual connectedness. Outsiders or visitors see generous actions, but it's much deeper than that; their minds, bodies and spirits are connected with Aloha and this spiritual connectedness guides all their actions.

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frank said...

I feel educated about Hawaiian culture for the first time by this blog. I can tell how taken you must be with spiritual "conectedness" of Aloha. Great blog!