Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guess I won't be shaking his hands any time soon.

A co-worker of mine was suffering from the inevitable crisis: dry contact falls out of eye, no spare contact or solution in sight...What do you do? If you're like me, you wash your hands and slightly wet the contact, quickly stick in back in your eye and then pray for the best - all the while worrying about scary eye diseases and problems like corneal ulcers.
If you're like him, you promptly and nonchalantly stick it back into your eye.
When he told me that his eyes were really irritating him, then gave me the history on how he got himself in that spot; I gave him my stash of contacts solution that had expired. I'm glad that he didn't bat on eyelash about the expiration date having passed (this would make my husband clap) but I was shocked by his next actions. He took the contact out of his eye, added a few drops of solution and then placed it back into his eye. I chastised him for not washing his hands. You're supposed to wash your hands before you take out or put in contacts. At least that's what everyone tells you; I've always abided by that golden contact rule. This reminds me of another rebel; I remember a schoolmate who did all the three S's you're not supposed to do with certain kinds of contacts: sleep, shower, swim. She did all three. I can't be carefree about what medical conventional intelligentsia tell me. (A real tangent here, but A. and his dad believe that withdrawal is effective birth control. It's ineffective only if you don't know what you're doing, he brags. I think my friends C. and Dixie would agree with A. Josh and I find this so incredibly unbelieveably irresponsible and risky.)
Back to my dirty handed co-worker on why he didn't wash his hands: He asserted that it was what the solution was for. Ick! I told him I needed to blog about this and inflame him. He was OK with that.

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frank said...

What's going on with this blog? Is it about contact lenses ... or banking? Remember banking is more than just withdrawals and deposits...