Monday, February 11, 2008

At 10+K Feet but feeling low

Last night I stupidly gave in to my husband's whining and agreed to
wake up at 4AM and pack up all the kids to go see the goddamn volcanoe
sunrise. I think it was everything my husband and mother hoped it to
be. For me it was pretty ho hum - I knew it was going to be and I was
miserable to go through all those hoops and effort for them to enjoy a
few measley minutes of heavenly views. I'm going to make a long list
of why this experience really sucked for me (in no particular order):
1. I knew it was going to suck but I wanted to make my husband happy.
2. I don't like rushing to get somewhere with the kids. I think it
makes everyone miserable. 3. I don't like long car rides with the kids
- they get antsy (to be expected and I don't blame them) and whiny (to
be expected and I wish they would suck it up like me). 4. We were
ill-equipped and ill-prepared. For that I totally blame my husband for
getting too excited to the point where he couldn't help me make
reasonable decisions. The winds were gusting and the temperature was
in the 40s. However we had mostly spring and summer layers on for
clothes. I worried about getting pneumonia -- that is no way to enjoy
a freakin' sunrise no matter how pretty. 5. I think Sadie, my mom and
I suffered altitude sickness. Mine was the worst - I had a massive
headache and extreme nausea. Mix with my bad attitude for a potent
combination. 6. I asked my husband to grovel for forgiveness and show
some compunction and regrets to make us all suffer. But his weak
attempt to feign such emotions were lame. 6. I despise waking up
early and this was ridiculously early -- maybe I should've stayed up
all night for it. I can't think of anything enjoyable I'd be willing
to wake up early for. I value those few hours in the morning to be in
peacefully in bed. Wow I feel so much better after writing all that
so I'll stop complaining now. I hope I didn't bring anyone down. I'll
end on a happy note -- DAZEE CAN STAND!!!! HURRAY!!!! She's so cute
and wobbly - she can do it for about a second before she shocks
herself as she loses her balance and struggles to gain it with no
success. Luckily she generally lands on her butt with a thud and
sometimes that sudden and scary sensation makes her smile, it's like a
baby carnival ride. :)


Frank said...

This blog was so enjoyable for me that I jad to call Sherry down to read it and she doesn't like that I'm getting information instead of exclusively to her. But I still think she enjoyed reading it. It's so candid and funny how could anyone not enjoy it? Did you get any pictures of the sunrise? And hat's great news about Daisy. I always knew your kids would be advanced....

Lost in Dixie said...

wow! marcos and I were in hawaii looking at volcanoes the SAME exact day. I also got nauseau/sickness from the altitude--but it was also due to the fact I had the flu