Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you getting a kickback?

I'm just curious - is this a conspiracy? There are certain items that are absolutely not necessary but all must have lists mention them. Like a diaper pail. In my opinion, totally unnecessary. Are diaper pail makers paying all list makers? It's pretty clever. I bought one, made myself used it because I had it but I'd love to burn it.
Another questionable (or maybe not?) item -- rain boots. Do my kids need these?
PS - My husband is of the opinion that very few people need Four or All Wheel drive. This philosophy orginated from none other than my ahead of the times father in law, who purchased Gore-tex long before any of us even heard of it.

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RC said...

We really appreciate our AWD. I don't want to disagree with your FIL, but we've been in many situations where we've thanked our lucky stars that we have AWD.