Monday, January 14, 2008

Tight lace dresses, fishnet stockings, here I come!

My mother reacts horribly when I suggest things to her like, why don't you wear a skirt? "I'm too old!" she exclaims. I really don't get it, I think she looks young, thin and fabulous; she can definitely carry most fashions off, if she was so inclined. I used to feel so sorry her and all the cultural taboos she created for herself. Then last night, as I lamented to my 21 year old cousin that I can't find skinny pants any where, she first suggested Express. I didn't miss a beat, I shrieked, "Express! I'm too old to wear Express!"
So I'm going to try to break any taboos that I didn't even know I had. I'll start by shopping in Express, Forever21 and any other suggestions you might have for me. My husband should stay out of this, as this could be too much fun for him.

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Chay said...

thats me! i am 21!! you said the sacred word..forever 21..that's it! IM COMING HOME! WE'RE GOING SHOPPING IMMEDIATELY!! (sorry josh...he he he.. it's happening!)