Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks world!

Having kids has made me happier and sappier.
I was thinking about the quote - it takes a village to raise a child...
I've had so many mishaps and misadventures while nursing and with each situation, I've had to ask and rely on the help and kindness of strangers. A sampling:

1. My flight was delayed one hour today, which freaked me out. I'm used to nursing or pumping about every 4 hours. I knew I was going to be engorged even without the delay, with the arrive at the airport an hour before, baggage claim and all that other non-sense. But an extra hour would mean something like 8 hours without pumping. I delicately explained my situation to the lady at the Continental counter. She couldn't really do anything about it, felt sorry for me, gave me a $6 meal voucher and told me about a bathroom that had an outlet. So that wasn't too bad, privately sitting on a dirty toilet, making milk for my baby and thinking about what to buy for $6. [I got a sugar free chocolate bar for my grandma and a dark chocolate square for my husband]
2. I once forgot to bring the AC adapter to my electric pump while at a company function in a hotel. I had a few employees scrambling to find something and in the end they did produce it. Hurray!
3. The best thing really is having the confidence to tell anyone I meet what I do and getting them to help me. A few times I had to ask hotel or other staff if they could put something in the fridge for me. It's sometimes met with a little suspicion. Like maybe they think I'm a crazy or frivolous person: I NEED to have my kit kat bar at a certain temperature or need to keep some weird flammable chemical stable. So I tell them in a voice like I'm talking to a confidante that it's breastmilk. Then it either makes them smile or really uncomfortable. But in the end, they always follow through with the request.

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Some people are such a pain...