Friday, January 18, 2008

New kind of kung fu?

When they re-fill the lobster or crab tray at East, swarms of Chinese people 3-4 feet tall have already been waiting eagerly. It's a game of survival of the fittest, because it doesn't matter when you arrive. Once the food is there, these short Chinese ladies skilled in the art of seafood-fu swoop in from every angle, like right under my arm or across my face, to snag the goods. Even though I'm standing in a more strategic spot (stupidly assuming a policy of first come first serve) and I'm taller than them by a foot - I end up with no lobster on my plate. It's must be some kind of martial arts, because it happens so fast. The seafood tray is emptied in seconds. And then the next round of vultures gather around.
A brilliant solution came to me today. I'll bring my own serve ware. The serving spoon or tongs are the limiting factor as to how many aggressive midget Chinese women can get to the food. I know they feel no remorse about pushing me out of the way or grabbing a piece of crab right under or even between my tongs, but I wonder if they would have the audacity to take away my own serving spoon?

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