Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wanted: practical answers, stupid questions need not apply

In my younger days, I experienced a lot of consternation over questions like, "Where are you from?" I always wanted to launch into a deep discussion of my family and their migratory patterns and which languages are in our arsenal.
Today, I've taken a 180 from where I was. It's now one of my pet peeves, meeting well-intentioned(?) individuals who say asinine things like "Where are you from?" I tease them by saying, New York. I know the question is really, "What Asian country are you from?" I don't like to reveal the truth as an ice-breaker. I hate to be pigeon-holed or categorized for a first impression. I'd like to think about a clever retort for my kids, surely they will be hit with this innocent sounding ice breaker more frequently than I have in my lifetime.


frank said...

In today's world it's not such a big deal though I imagine someone like Obama had his share of yes and no: black or not. But so many people are from mixed marriages in one form or another that it's become more the norm than the exception.

you know who i am said...

i hear ya. i'm so sick of "where are you from" question too. i wish i had no accent, so that question would go away.

Beth said...

That's what Josh asked me when I first met him years ago. Hee hee. But seriously, my friend Christine, who is from Boulder, always asks the same question back. If someone says, "Where are you from?" she answers, "Where are YOU from?" and if they say, "Where are you REALLY from?" she asks, "Where are you REALLY from?" until they are completely flummoxed. Try that some time!

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Beth, I love it!
"You know who I am"...I actually don't know who you are.