Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vindicated for herstory!!!

I like re-visiting the past, whether it's dwelling on old pictures, videos or talking about how things used to be or recalling the feelings of significant events, I can get lost in the past. My husband earnestly pointed out to me that my fascination is a waste of time.
Well, something wonderful happened to me today. Someone at work gave me a compliment that I joyfully accepted. He noted that one of my talents is to take history or past events and apply or connect them to the present so that we can focus on where we've come and where we need to go.
Hurray! I feel so good and needed.
Another related passion is curating my husband's history. My explanation for it is that even though I'd rather piece my own history, it's too difficult with few opportunities for successes, whereas his is ripe with rewards but with an appropriate amount of challenge. He grew up in the same town, same house, same parents, same # of people living together with him but he suffers from CRS (can't remember shit)!
I guess feel comfort in being able to put together past events because my own childhood was so disruptive.


frank said...

I love the word combo "herstory" and play on the word "history." Is CRS a recognized mental condition?

Everything has an afterlife and the past is always with us. "Nothing passes" as Philip Roth says.

Stella said...

Hi Kasama, I also love the way you refer to history as herstory! I think you´re so right about the importance of connecting the past to the present. I believe we enrich our understanding of today if we are not totally disinterested in yesterday. I´m impressed with your fascination with the past especially since very few people practice any kind of historical/herstorical thinking. Good for you, Kasama!!