Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones

It seems like I'm cursed to a life of inconvenience and minor frustrations when it comes to giving people my name. I had a 14 letter long last name which meant that every now and again I had to put up with nincompoops who insisted I spelled my name wrong. I don't know why the obvious doesn't occur to them: I spelled my name right but they heard me wrong.
I've always had very little pride in my name, always wishing for a non-ethnic, easily understood name like Smith or Jones.
So when the opportunity came, I happily switched from a 14 letter long last name to Star.
Even though my newly minted last name is short, it's still prone to misunderstandings. Sfar? Whether it's for a credit card inquiry or a car service request, I have to say my name multiple times or even spell it. Today, spelling it didn't even matter because they couldn't find me in the system. I was furious. Turns out, she thought I spelled Spfar. Even though I said Star like in the night sky. I thought about this a lot from the ride home from the airport. I think to be clear, I need to say, Star, like twinkle twinkle little star.
My poor mother has more issues than me with her name and on top of that people don't understand her when she gives our address. GRAND! she yells. They always hear or come up with some ridiculous street name, with no similarity to Grand. You have to hand it to all these creative-think-outside-the-box types. So my mom tries to rectify the misunderstanding by shouting, GRAND, like BIG! But that doesn't help because she mispronounces big. I told her to say, Grand, like Grand Central. She says that that has been effective.
So I'm going to bank on using twinkle twinkle little star, unless you can come up with something shorter or more effective.


frank said...

This is so funny. I think "twinkle, twinkle" is slightly pejorative. What about "like the moon and stars?" As for the street name "Grand Central" should be perfect but are you sure when your mother shouts "GRAND" she is not really saying "GLAAND"?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Frank - LOL! Hahahahahahah. You are hilarious.

js said...

Once, Columbia House or BMG sent me some music albums, and a bill to "Josh Dtar" ... But I don't think that was because they misheard "Star". I think I was probably trying to defraud them.

Haik Bedrosian said...

I think I was probably trying to defraud them.

Probably? Heh.