Monday, January 14, 2008

Help me young whippersnappers

For those 25 years and younger (mentally or otherwise), please suggest where I can get these trendified and possibly racy items (If I shopped at my regular venues, they would be old lady and very staid). It would be even better if these items are high quality and can last me more than a few wears. But the most important thing is looks.
1. Black low and high boots (preferably with rubber traction)
2. Low slung underwear (low rider in back and front, but don't want it in my butt and must be cotton - synthetics a big no!)
3. Skinny skinny pants and jeans (the tighter the better, but preferably low waisted so my gut can hang over and I can joyfully eat)


Beth said...

Try 8th Street between 6th and 5th, or Christopher Street! Or Ricky's, but only around Halloween.

Kenny said...

Jerry! You know you're gonna have to meet me in person one of these days, either over lunch, shopping or whatever.
- Kenny