Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!!!!

I think I'm going to make New Year's my favorite holiday. And I get to celebrate it at least three times a year!
1. Conventional western New Year (Jan 1) - time for celebration and resolutions!
2. Chinese New Year (in ~Feb) - this is one of my least favorite New Year's because I have to give people money.
3. Thai New Year (in ~April) - I really should go to Thailand to celebrate this. They really know how to have a crazy good time. During this festive holiday (Songkran) you get to throw water at anyone and everyone does it in public (using pails, buckets, water guns, whatever goes!) It's really hot in Thailand and having water thrown on you while everyone laughs actually feels good; not at all like you're the subject of a humiliating practical joke.
4. Jewish New Year (in ~September) - one of my favorites because I have to think about all my wrongs and try to be a better person.

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