Friday, January 18, 2008

26 miles of eating

My mother normally abstains from eating large quantities of food unless we go to a Chinese buffet place like East in Flushing. Then she can down like 30 king crab legs in one sitting.
How is this possible? Eating this much without any practice or training? Why doesn't she throw up? Another tiny Asian lady, my mom's friend, also barely eats anything unless she meets a seafood buffet. We went to a New Year's gala in Thailand where there was an exotic assortment of seafood. She ate through many many plates. My mom remarked in all the 40 years of knowing her friend, she'd never seen her friend eat that much. Josh was worried she might throw up. Of course nothing happened. How come prior to the seafood gorging, she couldn't even eat one little plate of Pad Thai by herself? What's up with these tiny Asian ladies and seafood eating marathons?

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