Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Unofficial past time of Thai people

For some reason, Thai people love to draw similarities of one object to another. When Josh and I hired a guide for a cave that had plentiful and impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, one of the guide's joy was to tell us what he thought each looked like. Chicken, he'd point to one and so on and so forth. He even pulled my then fiancé aside to tell him about the one that he thought looked like a vagina. Also on the island of (Goh) Samui, one of the tourist attractions (determined by the Thai chamber of commerce?!) is dubbed Grandmother and Grandfather rock. What are they you ask? They are natural and giant rock formations that have eroded to look like external male and female reproductive organs.
Thai people also love to say that Thailand (the land mass) is shaped like an axe. I learned about this before I knew Italy was a boot. I wonder what other imaginative parallels I could draw had I remained in Thailand to complete my education.


A Kast said...

Well the Greeks were pretty creative about their nighttime skies...

Today, the Chinese say that their country is shaped like a rooster. They commonly refer to their provinces like cuts of meat. Personally, I always thought India looks like an ice cream cone, with the Himalayas as the overpacked and leaking ice cream.

Cassandra Jupiter said...

LOL! PIMP!!!! (Peeing in my pants)