Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stick it to OPEC

I've been giving my husband a lot of flack for his unconventional driving tactics that I thought were ineffective. Not only that, they seem unsafe and can be embarrassing to me.
As it turns out, there's support for this madness and even a term - "hypermiling" and it's probably effective.
Hypermiling = Driving with the goal to save gas (to increase mileage)...
For examples, he tries to avoid braking, shifts into neutral while going downhill, coasting/timing for greens at upcoming stop lights, etc. (Can you pls do this when the two babies are NOT in the car?!)
Check out these record-breaking hypermilers. Thanks Ari for the link.
Only people who can be so extremely focused (like my husband) can do this. I'd probably crash into other cars if I tried.

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