Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Why I don't hobnob with men over the Internet

After giving birth to my first daughter, I had a difficult time with breastfeeding. I hired a lactation consultant to come over to teach me the ropes. It worked out pretty well; after she left, I felt more confident about how to breastfeed. As it turns out, she was also an area La Leche leader and she invited me to one of their meetings. I attended and found it helpful and supportive. Unfortunately, there was only one other mother at this meeting besides me. My La Leche leader friend was hoping to grow membership in this working mothers group.
So in the community and kids section of Craiglist, I posted about the our next upcoming La Leche meeting along with details of how to contact me. Of course no one contacted me except a pervert. He wrote some horrifying things to me in an email. I've blocked most of the tramautic details out except for one acronym: ANR. Adult nursing relationship!!!!! The sick fuck wanted to nurse or milk me!
I went to my husband for strength and comfort about how evidently wrong this was, for this asshole to email me this disgusting solicitation when my post was clearly targetted for female members in a nursing mothers support group. He gave a pretty clinical viewpoint, "Well what if you were interested? Then it would have worked out great for the both of you...I don't see anything wrong with what he did?" At that point, I didn't know which asshole I wanted to harm first.


Lost in Dixie said...

Did you post in the personals?

Lost in Dixie said...

oh ok-i'm re-reading your post. I think if you had posted in the personals, it wouldn't have been offensive. But, given that you posted in kids/community....that's a big inappropriate/offensive. Why don't you flag him?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Men, who needs them, when you've got this!!! (shakes fist in the air while clutching a vibrator)