Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unbridled lust

(begin whine-y voice) It's not fair! (end whine-y voice)
My husband never wants anything and I'm always lusting after various goodies. He grew up in a household that recycled sesame seeds from bagels to be re-used in sesame chicken stir-fry (disclaimer: his parents deny this), while I grew up in a household that allowed each kid to have their own shopping cart and we put in any junk-y grocery item that fancied us.
My mother worked all the time and probably felt guilty so we could have almost anything we wanted. Back then, our whims were pretty inexpensive, not like the desires of kids nowadays. Ironically, even though our whims were satisfied, we grew up pretty poor during my early childhood. We lived in a one bedroom apartment in Queens but I never felt like we lacked anything. We were the total ghetto-fabulous stereotype -- we lived in a small cramped apartment but some of us wore expensive sneakers. Once a month, when my mother had a day off, she would take us to the Botanical Garden or some such activity and we were allowed to run amok satisfying any of our street vendor whims and to top it off, she would let us get anything we wanted at McDonald's. I must be the only person on earth who misses the old chicken Mcnuggets. I have fond memories of the dark chicken matter mash.
The way Josh grew up was completely different. As a result, he is so disciplined with money to the point where he doesn't event want anything. Help! I need an outlet. So I'm going to make a Christmas list (since we don't celebrate Christmas and I'm sure that I probably won't get anything from this list).

  1. A knitting machine (with some really nice and exotic yarns)
  2. Two really nice hairbrushes that costs like $50 each - a small one and a large one
  3. A digital SLR camera with killer zoom lens that will be bigger than John Holmes'
  4. A dual layer DVD burner or some other solution for archiving my kids' pictures
  5. Software: font utility tool, various fonts and video editing
  6. More diamonds mua hahahahahaha
  7. A Sadie and Dazee collage similar to the one I have one of our wedding that is 4' by 3'.
  8. Quarterly services of a professional photographer
  9. Annual family portrait in oil
It's amazing I can get along so well with someone so monetarily disciplined. I got the cheapest one I could find and I'm pretty happy with him.


js said...

Instead of the knitting machine, how would you like a nice sewing machine, with a whole box of material and ribbons?

js said...

are you looking to add volume, or straighten and flatten your hair? It makes a difference for the brush type - hey DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR A HAIR BRUSH?

Cassandra Jupiter said...

Very funny on the sewing machine that I already have. As for any reader suggestions, unfortunately only two people read my blog, you and me.