Saturday, November 3, 2007

Not for the Jane Austen set

I just discovered blogging and Beth is totally right that we have way fewer ax murderers thanks to blogging. For me, it's blurting therapy, an outlet for the hasty, crass part of me. But time's running out for me because I'm worried about my safety. The safety of my sanity (I'm feeling persecution mania) and family peace is at stake -- I'm concerned that upstanding people with delicate sensibilities will discover this blog, revile in horror, make judgements about my moral character and harass my goody-two-shoes husband (which would be pretty ironic, see Side note 2). Namely, these honorable people are my in-laws and their associates but also my sister and mom.
I need your advice. Should I:
A) Stop blogging (not sure I can do it)
B) Change my blogging style (pretty much the same as option A for me)
C) Remove my picture and any identifying details (change my online name, etc.). This is a little tricky because I'm going to have to ask a few other bloggers to remove my identifiable comments from their blog.
D) You tell me...I'm desperate for advice.

Side note: How often does the blogosphere collide with real life? How legitimate is my fear? Full-time corporate whore, mom of 2, dutiful daughter and "Jewish" daughter-in-law are some of my societal roles. Unfortunately none of them encourage an outlet for farting or verbal farting, so I try to tame my impulses my blogging. I wish I could have a universally witty and family-friendly blog like blog black belt Beth. But I'm a blog misfit, is there room for me in the blogosphere? Do you welcome a blog pariah?
Side note 2: I'm upset that I'm a blog punk while my husband has a squeaky clean image. I know for a fact that he's a dirty, misogynistic misanthrope that doesn't fear censure for his contemptible thoughts. Also, he doesn't even care if you think his obnoxious "jokes" aren't funny, he's so happily lost and smug in his inner world. So I'm left to stand alone with crudeness as my only friend.


Beth said...

WOW! Thanks for the props!!! I think you should keep blogging and make it anonymous if you are concerned. But to be honest I think your blog is pretty OK content-wise. Compared to lots of other stuff out there. Keep going! :)

Kasama S. said...

Beth, your blog is really the model blog. I'm even thinking about moving my blog from Blogger to Wordpress so I can get closer to your blog glory.
Thanks for reassuring me that my vulgarity doesn't exceed those of internet pedophelia ilk, but you might be saying that just to make me feel better. I have to annoint you as my blog mentor-cum-savior. But I might be saying that only because it gives me a weak excuse to say cum twice.