Friday, November 2, 2007

Let me publish my tell-all and get good concert tickets please!!!

I don't like blogs that are moderated and want all moderated blog owners to cease and desist the moderation-- I totally understand the reasoning in some cases but I'm frustrated by the end user experience of not being totally sure if my comments were submitted. I've seen it happen on multiple blogs where users have published 2 similar comments - how frustrating to have to type the same thing more than once. My theory is that comments to your blog will increase four fold if you un-moderate them. For blogs that aren't super active, can't you un-moderate your blog and if you need to, you can always delete or edit the comments post-publishing? Oh and while you're at it, take off the dang CAPTCHA rule - making your readers type in a series of letters to ensure that they are not a malicious computer program. For people with (visual?) disabilities like myself, it takes a few tries to decipher the odd-ball kerning to get it right-- so frustrating!!!
No wonder I never get good concert seats from Ticketmaster, all you CAPTCHA geniuses are getting this right on the first try. So please un-moderate your blogs and get rid of CAPTCHA -- It would make your readers so happy, we'll run amok and populate more comments on your blog. OthErWIseI'mgonNAhavEtoCAPTchaYamYSELF.
[Side note, read my friend Ari's blog and he explains CAPTCHA.]


Beth said...

Hi Kasama! I understand your gripe but I still insist on moderating. However, I'm pretty quick with the approval process, no? I think yours went up within minutes. :)


Kasama S. said...

Hi Beth, I didn't know that you approved my comments so quickly, that's very good blogging manners. I only know that my comments were published on your blog by reading your comment on my blog and I knew there was a comment because it was emailed to me (I like this feature a lot). I love this supportive, mutual blog-preening behavior, but I wish your blog could tell me (via email like Google Blogger) when you've responded to a comment I've made. Then again Google Blogger doesn't seem to allow for commenters to post their URL (like your blog does), which is so sad. You have to be plain beth when you should be an HTML-enhanced beth, as your blog totally rocks. So to compensate for that...Everyone, go toBeth's blog. Wonder when you're going to see this comment? In real life, I usually offend everyone I meet, but in the blogosphere (thanks for the intro to this word - I want to throw it left and right whenever I can), I've managed to lay low. Well not really. Read this glowing testimonial from an ex: "...frankly i think your opinions are hasty, naive
and often completely wrong but it's a lot of fun to read. please keep writing."

Beth said...

Kasama - I had to check your blog to see that you had responded to this comment! Yes, blog preening behavior rocks. I am still trying to figure out tools to do all of these things you mentioned. I mean, the Internet is amazing, so it must be able to do these simple things. I'm going to get my blog intern on it (me).

Kasama S. said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! You are so funny.

A Kast said...

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Now do you see why comments need to be moderated? That's the only reason I moderate mine... I used to have a free-for-all but only started moderating cuz of all the bogus spam postings, sadly enough.