Thursday, November 1, 2007

How to score without dropping a dime

So I did a PSA for the ladies ("How to please men without putting out"), here's one for the men. Try this -- say to your lady friend, "You look pretty". If you want to be a little more sophisticated you can say "You look pretty ________ (fill in objective prepositional phrase). For example, "You look pretty in those eyeglasses" or "You look pretty in that green sweater". Now if you're ready for the graduate level of this, try "You look pretty _______________(fill in with something fashionable or artsy). For example, "You look pretty in those tortoise-shell frames" or "You look pretty in that green bell sleeve shirt".

Men, let me know if this helps you score.

1 comment:

Kasama S. said...

Maybe this simplistic advice only work on me and my husband. He's one of those ladies man, you know the kind that tells the truth when you ask a question like, "Do I look fat?" Does't he realize that I want to hear a creative but flattering lie that sounds sincere? I'm worried that he's got a blog life I don't know about because in our life, he refuses to blog. Who wouldn't want to blog? It's pathololgically insane, it must be a cover-up.