Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Larry David...

I've been meaning to write to you about some possible concepts to use on your show. (I haven't seen Season 6 yet because my cheap Jewish husband cancelled our HBO and Netflicks won't send us the DVD, so hopefully these concepts are not already done on your show.)
The scene is at a synagogue during Rosh Hashanah. A long, orderly snakelike line has formed; upon reaching the first position of the line, each Jew hands over the ticket so that s/he may be seated.
Josh and I are on the outskirts of the line loudly arguing about whether we should cut in front of the line to ask the ticket taker a question or stand in the line to ask a question.
Ultimately, we see another person behind the ticket taker so we go over there to ask our question.
"I know it's really late but we just moved into the area and we'd really like to get seats for the service..." I stammer. I elbow Josh, as it's his cue to say a Jewish ice breaker that is mentally satisfying to a Jew. Like a few short words that a non-Jew might zone out but to another Jew, it would communicate what kind of Jew he is, how he was brought up and whether he can read Hebrew.
"Well, we only have one ticket," says the temple staff.
"Obviously, I should go because I'm Jewish," says Josh ala Larry David. (with comic menacing look while shaking a fist at me)
"What are you talking about?!" I scream, as I'm spiralling out of control. "YOU DIDN'T EVEN MARRY A JEW. AT LEAST I MARRIED A JEW! I SHOULD GET THE TICKET, I'M MORE JEWISH THAN YOU!"
The Jews standing in line side with me and admonish him for marrying me.

Here are the concepts
1: When you have a question, should you cut a line to ask it or enter the line and wait?
2: Jews like to appraise the Jewishness of other Jews
3: Who's more Jewish, the Jew or the one who married one?

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js said...

The delivery could be a little better ... but the idea is that you're more Jewish than me, because at least you married a Jew - I don't think it'll make for an episode though ...