Friday, November 16, 2007

Anathema to my dogma but good for dogs!

OK, starting from when I finish my huge, carnivorous, multi-species lunch, I'm going to try some new things, per Ari's comments (re: exercise is bad for you). I'm going to stop exercising and I'm going on a diet. Plus just to make this more ethically satisfying, I'm also going to modify my diet to be a semi-vegetarian. I'll continue to consume seafood, dairy and eggs but I'm going to cut out all land animal meats.
Normally this sounds so stupid and faddish to me with my history of quick to make lifestyle and diet judgements. For example, my husband trained only one month (!) for the Burlington marathon. I thought this was pure idiocy. Not only that, he decided to go on a diet at the same time. I think he might have lost some weight but his boobs are still bigger than mine. Hahahahah! (But is that a worse insult to me or him?!)
A few months ago, my sometime exercise-bulimic husband decided to go on a liquid diet. Again I thought this was pure idiocy and I couldn't believe his parents didn't try to stop him.
So I wonder how this new regimen of no meat, little food and no exercise is going to fare out for me.

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