Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sex and Corruption

My apologies for the sensationalistic attention-grabbing subject, but it is relevant. Starting when my daughter was around 1 years old, I would try to threaten or bribe her. (Don't I sound like the model mom?) But her mind was so innocent that she never "got it". I'm pleased to say that after one year of intense home schooling, at 2 years old, she is cooperative for kiddie cocaine (goldfish) and very perceptive in understanding threats. So the age of innocence is over. But does this mean she has to look like the depraved monster that she is?

I'm spooked out by sexy clothes for little girls as well as sexy Halloween costumes for them. I became aware of a "chamber maid" costume for toddlers. With all due respect, (I read in Dilbert that once you say this phrase, anything can follow), to chamber maids everywhere, isn't that a euphemism for whore?

So...I happily bought some non-sexualized girl clothes today at Talbots. The cashier told me Talbots is commited to making non-sexualized kid's clothes. The clothes are really cute and well-maid (ha!) but I still think it's still a rip-off even at 50% off. But that's my own baggage, of wanting and expecting to pay like a $1 for three t-shirts.

Random thought -- Would I rather pay a premium to be a prude or a ho? Could this be a big business idea, the "Madonna-Whore" store?

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