Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Country full of type A(nal)

I find Japanese culture and mannerisms interesting. By US standards, it's a country full of type A people. Take for instance, the man who sat next to me at Cafe Zaiya. He had 2 sets of different Japanese newspapers. He proceeded to select 2 papers and gingerly laid them down opposite him (presumably for his companion, who hadn't arrived yet). Then he rotated both papers one at a time so that they would be right-side up for his companion. Then he centered smaller one on top of the larger one. Finally, he repeated all of these steps for himself. This automatic conscientiousness happened so fast that you would have missed it if you weren't watching. I shoulder-surfed him and saw an ad for either a bra or a bust enhancing service. I'm not sure because it was a Japanese newspaper. In the ad, there were two pictures, before and after. The before was labelled 34B. The after, 32D. The Japanese are so detail-oriented. Here in the US, when we talk about bust enhancement, we only focus on the cup size, not the band size or the overall shape or profile of the bust. There needs to be a holiday in the US where we celebrate the Japanese, we can learn so much from them.

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